Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Viva Elvis

On this day in 1977 Elvis Presley died. Here's a little story to show you it's not just important to be Mrs Pink, it's glamorous too . . . .

In 2005 Priscilla Presley came over to the UK to promote her new range of bed linens. She made just two appearances, in Harrods, London and Jolly’s Department Store in Bath.

Mr Pink was in charge of the restaurant in Bath where Priscilla was to sign her pillowcases et al so as a result I got to be on the small team of people who looked after her.

Small team or not, there were just too many people around for Mrs Presley so showing excellent taste ( & perhaps recognising another Mrs P!) Priscilla asked me and only me to stay behind.

She was absolutely charming (and very tiny) as we chatted about how beautiful Bath was, how she wished she had more time to spend here, where she might go for dinner that evening etc. She also said how she never wore the jewellery that Elvis had given her as she was afraid that someone would snatch it from her.

Ever prepared, I just happened to have a copy of ‘Elvis by the Presleys’ with me which Priscilla signed:

All my best and thanks, Priscilla Presley

When it came time to greet her eager public my new best friend Priscilla asked if I would mind staying behind in the room and looking after her handbag. (Marc Jacobs as you’re asking)

Afterwards she came back into the private lounge and I made her some tea - terribly English – which she took with brown sugar – terribly odd . . .

When it finally came time for her to go, Priscilla made a point of saying farewell and Mr Pink & I stood on the fire escape outside & waved goodbye.

A lovely day which I’m remembering today . . . .

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