Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"I always travel by balloon."

I was just 14 when 'Room with a View' came out & must have been about 17 the first time that I watched it.
Oh, how I longed to be Lucy Honeychurch!!
(Still do a bit, especially as I re-read the book last year, but there we are . . . . )
There has just been a wonderful exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Bath called 'Dressing the Stars.' It showcased British Costume Design at the Academy Awards and featured an outfit worn by Helena Bonham Carter in the film. (I went to see the exhibition twice!)
Now, all these years on I am on the verge of my first ever trip to Florence so have to plan where to go. Here's my film location wish list;

Pensione Bertolini, where our heroine finds herself in a room without a view, is the Hotel degli Orafi, Lungarno degli Archibusieri 4 alongside the Arno.
When Eleanor Lavish whisks Charlotte Bartlett off to see the real Florence she starts at the statue of Grand Duke Ferdinand in the Piazza Santissima Annunziata, while Lucy sets off to explore the sights alone. She’s hassled by locals at the monument to Dante in the Church of Santa Croce, Piazza Santa Croce 16
The famous knife fight scene took place in Piazza della Signoria.

So, finally, I shall walk these streets but I shan't be playing any Beethoven,
"Mother doesn't like me playing Beethoven. She says I'm always peevish afterwards."
"You must forgive me if I say stupid things. My brain has gone to pieces."

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  1. You must go to Florence!
    We try to go there at least once every two years, and went there for our honeymoon.
    It's the best place in the world, and EXACTLY as it seems in Room With a View.
    You'll love it, trust me!