Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Read On . . .

I read another 35 pages of my book today. When you read it - and you really must - you will know just how excited I was to read the following passage:

(Fret not, this doesn't give any plot away!)

“Okay!” I said loudly, reaching for the last present. “This one’s from Aunt Susie.”

“Actually, “ my aunt said as I began tearing away the wrapping paper, “it’s from your grandfather.”

I stopped mid tear. The room went dead quiet, people looking at Aunt Susie as if she’d invoked the name of some evil spirit. My dad’s jaw tensed and my mom shot back the last of her wine.

“Just open it and you’ll see, “ Aunt Susie said.

I ripped away the rest of the wrapping paper to find an old hardback, dog-eared and missing its dust jacket. It was The Selected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

One thing I will say though: The UK & USA are two nations divided by a shared language. What on earth is a palmetto??!!??

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